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Jamie joins the Leap Season 2 discussion on trauma and healing for care experience

Beautiful to be asked with @maryhodd to join Episode 4 of Let’s Talk Conflict S2 where we joined the amazing @leap_cc group of #cep to discuss trauma and the journey of healing. This episode is a deep dive into #livedexperience with so much growth and healing in #community#connection as these inspiring peops show ⭐ 💛🤗

In this episode the group are joined by two guests who are both care experienced, and who now work with young people in the care system: Jamie - a psychotherapist, and Mary - a care-experienced trainer, adviser and advocate.

The group explore how different behaviours manifest when a young person has experienced trauma, rejection and abandonment. They also discuss the importance of relationships when healing from trauma, as well as some tools to support yourself and those around you.

See below for the organisations, support networks and resources signposted during the episode:

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